Our Spike Kits

Shooting Outdoors

Obtain secure footing

If you are using your pole outdoors mostly (which is probably most pole photographers), there may be situations where a Gitzo spike could assist with pole stability. It easily goes into soft grass/ground, and can be very helpful if shooting among rocks. You will find these accessories on our ordering page.

Paint Pole Spike on a Mr. LongArm paint pole. (The rubber foot is not shown, but it is included; see photo below for rubber foot.)

Standard Spike Kit (includes heavy duty end cap)
Our Standard Spike kit for painter's poles comes with the Gitzo 1 1/2 inch spike on an extra long heavy duty end cap, the Gitzo rubber foot (which fits on the spike for indoor use). The Standard Spike Kit comes without the shock absorber or spare end cap. The shock absorber is a very useful accessory as it may prevent excessive shock when lowering your camera from a vertical position and may also be purchased separately. Similarly, we offer an Economy Spike Kit that comes with a 1 1/2 inch spike on an extra long heavy duty end cap.
The Standard Gitzo Spike kit for painter's poles has the same Gitzo spike and rubber foot on an extra long end cap. This end cap fits over the rubber end that is on most painter poles (e.g., Mr. Longarm paint poles) and is secured to the pole with the clamp. We offer a more economical version as well.
The Super Spike for painter's poles and two-inch poles has a mighty 4 inch steel Gitzo spike that clamps securely onto the end of your pole and allows your pole to be implanted firmly into almost any ground.