Map Locations of Pole Photographers Near You!

Pole Photographers Near You!

Here's a map that shows some of the locations of people using Pole Pixie equipment to take photographs. After you order, you too will make it on to the map!

We have sold hundreds of kits and adapters to photographers across the US and Canada, and have fueled the growth of pole photography! Based on our sales, we know that pole photography is becoming more and more popular, and with inexpensive solutions available, you should get involved now! Pole photography will give you a competitive advantage in the services that you offer, and allow you to see your subject from an entirely new point of view. It's fun, too!

Check out if there are people in your area! You can zoom and pan our map and even go full screen! We do our best to keep it up to date, but it may be a few months before we add in all the new pole photographers. Note: Each zipcode flag is displayed only once to minimize clutter, but there are many zipcodes with multiple pole photographers in them!

We apologize to our overseas customers, but our mapping software does not allow us to add in addresses in Europe, Oceania, and Asia. But, don't feel alone - there are hundreds of you!