About Aerial and Pole Photography

Photos that Look Different

Sports, Architecture, Marketing

There are may reasons to get the camera up a few feet. Photographers often take time in finding the best vantage point for the photo. Sometimes that vantage point is UP! The kind of UP! that we are talking about is not plane/helicopter aerial photography. We've seen incredible photos from high altitudes, including near-space photos taken on unmanned helium baloons. Helicopters, planes, and balloons are pretty much the only way to get that perspective.

We're talking about the 10-100 ft sort of UP! Going up allows you to look over crowds, present architecture in a grand way, and peer down onto sporting or other events. With digital cameras, automatic focusing, and delay timers/remote triggers, taking these pictures has even become easy.

Sports photo taken with Pole Photography camera mount
Great point of view shot from Lee Jinks!
What are some of the benefits of this low-altitude aerial photography?

Sports - Allows you to take photos from points of view that are interesting and that you would never ever see!

Event Photography/Journalism - From eye level, the photographer struggles with the crowd and its obscuration of the event. From just a few feet up, the band, wedding, or speaker becomes the focus, and it is all within a larger point of view.

Architecture - By getting off the ground, you can show a large building or home in its surroundings.
real estate home photo from the ground and with a pole photography camera mount.

Before and after images from John Coley, Real Estate Agent

A straight-on shot from the ground may mean that the garage door is the most major feature. But, taken from up high, the whole building is shown and the garage becomes only a small part.

Now you can get started inexpensively!
People have been fashioning home-grown solutions for many years (we did it too). But now, for just a few dollars, you can be taking aerial pictures in a matter of minutes. With the Pole Pixie adapter, there's no need to buy expensive equipment. Just use any painter's pole (or even a broom handle) that you have in the garage! Your photos will have a get new perspective!