About Us

Aerial Photos for Business and Fun

We know about pole photography because we've made it part of our business.

John Hokkanen is an engineer and a lawyer who grew up in an inventing environment around his father who was also an engineer. His Dad always had a project going on and taught John how to think through design and fabrication problems. From a career in software engineering, John also has a great deal of software expertise, and has worked with Photoshop for fifteen years.

In 2003, John got his real estate broker's license in 2003 and began building a team of real estate agents. The idea was to bring cutting edge capabilities to the brokerage for the benefit of sellers and buyers. With his Photoshop experience, and an interest in photography, John began taking and editing all the photographs for the entire team.

Years ago, John hired helicopter pilots to fly him over expensive listings so that we could take great aerial photos, but John realized that there was a need for similar photographs of less expensive homes. Consequently, John began developing the pole photography equipment for our use, and that was the basis of all the equipment that is sold today. After years of taking elevated pole photographs with his custom equipment, colleagues around the country convinced John to manufacture and sell his field-tested equipment.

In the Spring of 2012, Craig Austin came aboard first, as a consultant, and then, as a manager of all things logistics. He brings with him many years of working for ocean carriers and freight forwarders. He also teaches logistics and compliance at Florida International University in Miami. He is helping us expand internationally.

Today, we are one of the largest manufacturers of elevated pole photography equipment, and our kits are in use all over the world. They are in use by professional photographers, home inspectors, insurance agents, researchers, archaeologists, accident investigators and scientists. We have sought to make our web site as informative as possible so that beginners across the globe can also take these great photographs.