Pole Pixie Painter's Pole Camera Adapter

Use any painter's pole as a camera mount!

Lightweight, Easy to install, Secure

Painter Pole Camera Rig You can easily take photos from way up! Get above the crowd, above the fence, and up in the air. With the Pole Pixie adapter, there's no need to buy expensive equipment. Just use any painter's pole (or even a broom handle) that you have in the garage! Your photos will have a great new perspective!
Step 1.
Attach the Pole Pixie Adapter by screwing it onto any standard painter's pole. The adapter is lightweight and easy to grip.

Painter Pole Camera Adapter - Attaching to the Pole
Step 2.
Usually the adapter is secure. However, you can also tighten its locking screw with an allen wrench (included) to make sure that it does not move.

Painter Pole Camera Adapter - Locking it down tight
Step 3.
Thread your camera onto the standard mounting screw. The rubber pad will hold your camera snugly. You're ready for taking pole photos!

Painter Pole Camera Adapter - Placing your camera on the pole.
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Pole Pixie Painter Pole Camera Adapter Specifications
Dimensions: 2 inches tall (50.8mm), and about 1 1/4 (31.75mm) inches wide/deep.
Weight: 5 ounces (.14kg)
Materials: Black Anodized Aluminum High
Camera Mount: Standard 1/4 (6.35mm) inch camera screw or 3/8 (9.52mm) camera screw.
Also includes: Allen wrench for locking screw.
Our Price: $39.95/$44.95
Frequently Asked Question: Will this work with my digital SLR?
Answer: Absolutely, this product is designed for lightweight pocket cameras, but is super strong and works with all DSLRs. The camera mount for digital SLRs is the same, and we have personally used it with our Canon 5D SLR. However, if you are using a heavy DSLR and lens, then you will find that our new pro aluminum adapter is the ideal fit.