Photo Club Savings

Order in Bulk for Your Club

Save by placing a bulk order for your group.

From the ground.

With the Pole Pixie Adapter.

Are you in a photography club? We want to promote pole photography with the photo clubs across the country! You can save 10% by placing a club order! Here are the details:

1) The order must be placed by a club official (e.g., Club Organizer, Club President, Treasurer) and include 10 or more Pole Pixie Adapters.
2) Email us at the time of the order to let us know that you want the club rebate.
3) We'll deduct the club rebate from your order and rebate the charges back to the initial purchase after you receive the items.

You can also generate some club monies by placing an order and then selling them to club members! Just purchase the products on our site, and PLEASE MAKE SURE to email us at the time of the order, and include relevant information about your club!

We really appreciate the club reviews as they continue to be indispensable for improvement of our products!