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Pole photography setups around the world

This page is dedicated to those people that email back photograhs and descriptions of their pole photography rigs. If you have put together an interesting rig, send us the pics, and we'll share it!

Ian Colley of Australia uses a Pixie Click kit, but uses a wireless video transmitter so he can have live viewing. He writes:
I finally got a chance to have a bit of a play with the bracket today. It's fantastic. I have a 1.8 - 3.6 meter pole that I can lift into a waist belt fishing rod holder to get me 4.5m up and the longer pole I am still trying to get fittings for is a fibreglass pole that extends to about 12m. I have had it up to 8m (without camera) and it got a bit hairy at that point so I didn’t go higher. It is my intention to set up some bracketing in the tray of my ute to be able to support the pole at anything above 7 or 8m.
I have set the Pixie Click bracket up the way I like, adding some plastic on top of the shutter activation motor to stop the top bar from sliding forward causing the shutter activator to slip off the shutter button on the camera. You will also see from the photos the wireless video transmitter attached to the bracket and a remote 3.5 inch screen that I use to frame my image. It is so good to be able to see what you're shooting and not have to guess. The tilting base I use to tilt left to right (not front to back) to correct a little bit of bend in the brackets base bar caused from the weight of my camera, it works a treat and is of no concern. Although I see that you also show its use (left to right) to go into portrait style shooting. The fittings I am getting for the longer fibreglass pole will allow me to lock in some forward or backward angles enabling me to aim down or up easily.