Large Foam-Padded Resting Plate

Easily Set Down Your DSLR!

Avoid scratching your camera PLUS protect against rough landings.

Image description
Description: Canon 5D Mark II with 17mm Tilt-Shift Lens on a Manfrotto monopod head on top of a Pole Pixie Adapter and Large Foam-Padded Resting Plate.
Now Available! This product is for use with large DSLRS. It is similar to our standard foam padded plate for point-and-shoot cameras, but has been supersized. It has rigid plastic in the interior to provide support as a resting plate, and two layers of foam to offer some protection against rough landings.
It is very handy to set down your pole without taking off the camera when you are about to raise your camera. It is also helpful to "land" it when bringing it down. You don't want to scratch your expensive DSLR, and, while landing on the grass is very shock absorbing, you don't want your camera getting dirty or wet!
Our foam-padded resting plate has two layers of non-absorbent foam! This helps against rough landings when bringing down a pole. Because the foam won't absorb water, you can just dry it off with a paper towel or cloth when you are done. These were designed by us to work with the Pole Pixie adapter. So, avoid scratches and damp ground, and have some dampening for rough landings. The resting plate is designed to work for most DSLRs, and as long as the body/lens extends no further than 7 inches from the camera mount, it shoudl work fine. Wide angle lenses are almost always short and work fine, but if you are using a long telephoto lens, then this resting plate may not work for you.

Image description Specifications
Part: Foam Padded Resting Plate, Part #: LFRP
Dimensions: Approximately 20x20 inches, and less than 1 inch thick.
Weight: 1 lb, 10 ounces
Materials: Plastic/Foam
Pole Mount: Standard hole for painter's pole thread.
Special feature: Arrow on bottom side indicating front of camera.
Our Price: $44.95

FAQ: Will this protect if I drop my pole by accident?
Answer: Although we have sought to provide for some protection of the sensitive electronics in a digital camera against a rough landing, it is not intended to protect against a hard fall. You should read our page that discusses what measures you can take for safe operation of a pole with a DSLR on top.
Question: Do you guarantee that this will protect my camera?
Answer: We use the foam padded plate ourselves, and we have not broken a camera with it; however, we are careful and we always bring the pole to rest as lightly as possible. Because we do not know what equipment will be used with the plate or how it will be handled, we do not offer any guarantees about how much protection it will give your camera, and you use the product at your own risk.