Gallery of Pole Photos!

More Pole Photos!

Pole Pixie equipment is in use all over the world, and being put to some amazing uses. Here are some actual photos that folks have sent in to show how they are using the Pole Pixie! If you would like us to add yours, please upload your file via the Share your photo link.

Courtesy of Tron Von Tran, Photographer. Up off the ground, you can see the Hawaiian scenery as well as the back yard!Michael Yearout Photograph

Courtesy of Michael Yearout, Photographer. Wow! What a great photo of this house!Michael Yearout Photograph

Courtesy of Mike Miller, Manhattan Beach, CA. This photograph of a railroad museum was one of Mike's first photos! I am sure he will have some amazing photos this year.Railroad Museum by Mike Miller

Humboldt Manufacturing Facility. Courtesy of David Dow, David shows how you can use pole photographs for workplace-related documentation needs.Manufacturing Facility

Courtesy of Donna Biggs, Challenging Designs Photography Donna takes real estate and other photography in Arkansas. This was one of her first images with her new pole rig.Challenging Designs

Recent photo at Heber Air Field, Arkansas. Courtesy of David Dow, David says, "Getting up high is really neat." The inset photo is one at ground level of the same plane.HBZ Plane Photo

Courtesy of Rob Jeffress, Professional Photographer in Church Point, Australia. He calls his rig "the latest high tech DSLR fashion accessory."Rob Jeffress

Courtesy of Eric Fernwood, Real Estate Agent, Las Vegas, NV. "You sell a great product at a great price. Makes a difference!Eric Fernwood Pole Photograph

Courtesy of Raymond Hunt. He and a colleague are shown conducting research taking infrared photos for the US Dept. of Agriculture to study how to manage nitrogen levels.USDA Pole Photo of Corn

Courtesy of Hank Spinnler, Hank says, "This was from a two story roof that I needed to verify had clogged gutters and no unsealed toe-board holes in shingles."

Courtesy of Scott Gibson, Professional Photographer. For a gallery of his before/after polecam images, see and here for his other work.

Courtesy of David Dow. David uses his Pole Pixie for his construction-related investigations at

Courtesy of Brett Weaver, Virtual Tour Photographer. "I'm loving the Pole Pixie! I frequently find myself shooting homes that sit higher than the street as well....The attached shot is my first commercial effort with the Pole Pixie. See his site at Pole Pic by Brett Weaver, Photographer

Courtesy of Paul Bishop. Paul's company offers HD videos of paintball competitions. You can see the video at Competition Pole Photography

Courtesy of Professional Photographer Michael Yearout. "I highly recommend for the simple accessories you will need to do this type of photography. See his Colorado photos Luxury Home by Yearout Photography
Here's a recent example of how one can create high-resolution tiled images of your pole photos.
By using a pole, we are able to capture not only the home, but also the beautiful ocean view that the home has from all the rooms in the back. Just click on the ocean to zoom in to the view. The photo tells the story. (Image © John Hokkanen, Jan. 2011)

Courtesy of macmaven who writes, "I've got to say it is an interesting accessory to have for $29.95 USD." See his comments at dpreview.Australian Home Pole Photo by

Courtesy of Jon May, professional photographer in Australia. Jon writes, "I find I am using my pole more often now that I have a sturdy and universal connection between pole and camera."Australian Home Pole Photo by

Albert Lau of San Diego says, "I like your invention very much. I use a 16-foot pole." Photo by Alberto Lau © 2010
Beach Pole Photo

Courtesy of Lee Jinks, McAllen, TX. Swish! What a great, innovative point of view. Lee is a pole photography expert and real estate agent.

Courtesy of Steve Schuenke Photography. See his reviews at and

Courtesy of Tony Boros, Commerical Photographer. See his company at

Courtesy of Lee Jinks. Lee operating his pole camera.

Bob B says, "Just received my Pole Pixie - I wanted to take some aerial photos of our tropical backyard using a simple point and shoot camera. After just a few experimental shots, the results were excellent! As an engineer, I can see much potential for taking engineering project photos."Back Yard Photo

Photo by Alberto Lau © 2010.Parade Pole Photo

Home Photo by Sean Moore, Missouri Real Estate Agent.

Baseball! You can really see the outfield!Baseball Aerial Photo