Pole Pixie Camera Accessories

Inexpensive Camera Accessories for Taking Pole Photos

High Quality Parts Created by People Who Know

Are you a professional photographer, inspector, real estate agent, sports fan, etc. who wants some new perspective for your photos? You have come to the right place! We make inexpensive accessories for taking aerial/pole photos.
pole photographs with pole pixie adapter Some of the accessories that people like:
We offer various camera mounts that work with our Pole Pixie Adapter! Click to see how it works!

Our Pro Adapter is Solid aluminum - Super strong. New! - Our Price: $39.95 or save $$ with a kit! Now offered with 3/8 mount or Non-magnetic screws.
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Aluminum Camera Ball Mount for Painter's Pole
NEW! DSLR & 360 Ball head tilting camera mounts - Allows one to rotate the camera into portrait mode and to quickly connect/disconnect the camera from the pole.
Standard Mini Ballhead mount: $24.95
Medium DSLR Ballhead: $29.95
360 Heavy Duty Ball Head mount: $89.95

Pole camera mount
Pole camera mount
Pixie Pole - Our Super Strong pole will get you started with safe pole photography!
Click here for our brand new complete pole Kit!
Pixie Pole
Foam Padded Resting Plate - The improved resting plate that helps protect against rough landings!
Our Price: $29.95

Foam padded resting plate by pole pixie
Tall Boy Extenders
New! - Pro aluminum extender now offered with 3/8 mount.
Our Price: $15 and $35

Tall boy extension tubes by pole pixie
Smart Phone Pole Mount - Easily and securely attaches any smartphone to a tripod mount or adapter!
Our Price: $19.95

SmartPhone Mount by pole pixie
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Here are a couple of before/after images taken on the ground and with the Pole Pixie adapter. For more, check out the side-by-side gallery!
Photograph from ground - no pole
Same photograph from the top of a pole
With the Pole Pixie Adapter
real estate home photo without pole photography
real estate home photo with pole photography
With the Pole Pixie Adapter
Nasca Lines photo without pole photography
Same photo with pole photography
The Nazca using our Pole Pixie Adapter in 200BC?