Pixie Click Remote Camera Trigger for Pole Photography

Machined from plastic and metal

Will work with almost all point and shoot cameras!

BRAND NEW - Our Pixie Click trigger frame allows you to take your point and shoot camera to the next level! DSLRS have remote triggers, but most point and shoot cameras have not - UNTIL NOW! Our trigger frame allows you to securely seat your camera and adjust the trigger for just about any point and shoot camera. Then, all you have to do is push the pushbutton while your camera is up in the air to take your photo.

Click, click, click - take lots of photos without ever bringing the pole down. With an electrical trigger, you get reliable results and convenience. The Pixie Click remote trigger frame comes with everything you need, including a 25 foot coiled extension so that you can get your camera up really high. For ordering, just click on the Pixie Click Ordering Page.

Pixie Click Remote Trigger Frame for Painter Pole Camera Photography
Pole Pixie Click Remote Trigger for Pole Photography Specifications
Part: Pixie Click Remote Trigger Frame, Part #: PC
Dimensions: 5 inches tall, and about 9 inches wide, 2 inches deep.
Weight: 17 ounces (with battery, cable, and pushbutton)
Materials: Plastic/Metal
Mounts: Standard 1/4 inch camera screw for camera, and the same mount for pole adapter/tripod.
Also includes: 25 foot extension, pushbutton switch extension, 9v battery, camera mount thumb screw.
Does not include: Camera in photos. :)
Our Price: $79.95
Frequently Asked Question: Which point and shoot cameras can I use?
Answer: Almost all cameras will fit. Cameras that are 3.75 inches or less should have no problem. If your camera is taller than 3.75 inches, please call to confirm.
Frequently Asked Question: Do I have any risk about it not working? We have a no-risk guarantee! We guarantee that it will work with any point and shoot camera that is 3.75 inches or less in height. If it does not, please return it in the same condition for a full refund.
Frequently Asked Question: Can I use this for my DSLR? As far as we know, there are wired remote triggers for all DSLRs for a few dollars, and wireless triggers can be found for less than $50. While we would like to sell you a mechanical trigger for your DSLR, we recommend instead that you use the equipment made specifically for your DSLR.