Pole Handles Aid In Control

More easily dip your pole without changing your center of gravity

Easily attach other tools like remote triggers

We found that pole photographers and videographers had several needs that had to be addressed. First, some photographers need to tilt their poles over at an angle. This could be a researcher who needs to shoot straight down towards the ground or it could be a music video producer who wants an overhead shot. Our pole handles simply allow the photographer to more easily control their poles.

The handle has been designed for pole photographers. First, it has an easy-on, easy-off clamp that has a rubber base so it does not scratch up your pole. The handle is made of steel and is securely attached to the clamp, and the handle has a nice rubber covering so that it is easy and comfortable to grip.

Installing and adjusting the handle is easy to do. The bolt flips and goes into place. To tighten it, one can use a phillips head or slotted screwdriver, but, even better, the slot is large enough for a penny or a dime!

We also have an equivalent handle for any branded poles on the market. The clamp will fit the bottom or second segments of the 21, 30 or 40 foot poles