Pole Pixie Professional Adapter for Painter's Poles

Professional grade solid anodized aluminum!

Lightweight, Easy to install, Secure

Our professional-grade aluminum painter pole adapter is top of the line. Just put it on your painter's pole, tighten the locking screw and you are ready to go! New! We now offer a 3/8 inch (M10 x 1.25) mount for those professionals, who have a 3/8s inch camera or monopod mount for extra security. We also offer mounts with 'non-magnetic' screws. We sell it in a variety of kit configurations to meet a variety of needs for different photographers. For ordering, just click on the Ordering Page.

Professional Equipment for Painter Pole Camera Adapters
Pole Pixie Painter Pole Camera Adapter Specifications
Part: Pro Adapter for Painter's Poles, Part #: PA-1
Dimensions: 2 inches tall (50.8mm), and about 1 1/4 (31.75mm) inches wide/deep.
Weight: 5 ounces (.14kg)
Materials: Black Anodized Aluminum
Camera Mount: Standard 1/4 inch (M6 x 0.75) camera screw or 3/8 inch (M10 x 1.25) camera screw
Also includes: Allen wrench for tightening the locking screw to secure the adapter to the pole.
Our Price: $39.95/$44.95
Frequently Asked Question: Will this work with my digital SLR?
Answer: Yes, this is a professional product and is super strong. If you have a large camera or plan on using a large lens, then we recommend using the large resting plate. If you have a smaller DSLR and are using a short lens, you may be able to use the standard resting plate.