Pole Pixie Testimonials!

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Here are some remarks about the Pole Pixie from some of its users and fans. Please share your story and photo on the Tell Us Your Story link. You can upload photos too!

When Brett Weaver first told me about the Pole Pixie I was quite skeptical to think that anyone could actually get into elevated photography for a couple hundred dollars. After speaking with John over the phone, testing out his product, and having him as a guest my talk show The FORMULA, I was 100% sold. The Pole Pixie is now RTV's exclusive supplier of elevated photography systems to over 2000 virtual tour providers Worldwide. Thanks for all that you do John and keep up the good work!

Jason LaVanture
VP / Founder of RTV, Inc
Makers of the World's Leading Virtual Tour Software

"I'm loving the Pole Pixie! I frequently find myself shooting homes that sit higher than the street as well. I also occasionally shoot multi-story hotels. It's just difficult to do the property justice in these situations.

In the past I have borrowed a step ladder while on-site to gain some height, but this only gains about 4'-5'. I can now get my camera up to 18' off the ground and I keep my feet safely planted on terra firma. AND the pole fits in my compact car so no elaborate rig here.

The attached shot is my first commercial effort with the Pole Pixie. Now I'm using it on just about every shoot. I'm tacking on a small fee for the elevated shot, so I will soon recoup my investment.

Great idea for a product and thanks for developing it!"
Brett Weaver, Loretto, TN, http://spotlightvt.com

"[Pole photography] is a way to get your camera 10 - 50 feet above ground and take a photo of the exterior of the property. It makes quite a difference. And we all know that exterior shot (usually the main shot) is so important. I've found elevating my camera up to about 15 feet makes a subtle but noticeable difference and really makes that exterior shot superior to shots taken at ground level. Of course, if you are standing above the house to begin with you probably do not need to use this technique, but I find it very helpful in almost all situations. So, you ask yourself, how can I do this?

"It's really pretty simple: go to www.PolePixie.com. They make simple accessories that you can attach to a painter’s pole that make it safe and secure to hoist your camera up 15 feet or more. Trust me, I've been doing it and after the first few practice shots you get very comfortable with it. I'm putting over $2,000 worth of camera/lens equipment on the end of the pole and I trust it; the Pole Pixie attaches my camera securely and I trust it. I highly recommend www.PolePixie.com for the simple accessories you will need to do this type of photography. I have them and they work as well as the website tells you they do. Good shooting!"
Michael Yearout, MKYPhotography.com, Colorado
PS: I use it on almost every shoot now!

Just received my Pole Pixie - I wanted to take some aerial photos of our tropical backyard using a simple point and shoot camera. After just a few experimental shots, the results were excellent! As an engineer, I can see much potential for taking engineering project photos.
Robert B., Cardiff by the Sea, CA

"The Pole Pixie combined with the Tilting Camera Mount is an awesome piece of gear. Build-wise, it's a simple idea that's been very well thought out. I found that the Pole Pixie threaded easily onto a standard painter's pole. It felt solid enough, but for a little additional piece of mind, I really like that the designers included a set screw to bind the Pixie to the pole. I have felt secure enough in it’s design to mount my Canon 7D and raise it up with some of my beloved Nikkors attached.

"I love that it is small enough to easily fit into a lens pocket in my camera bag.…While shooting a live band, a friend used my Pole Pixie with a broomstick from the venue to improvise a monopod. And while shooting a low budget music video, I've used the Pole Pixie and a painter's pole found at the location to fly my 7D and capture a top down shot – as I was placing the camera directly over talent, my grips did add an additional safety to the rig. The shot that we got had not been originally planned for and could not have been easily accomplished with our much larger motion picture camera, but in the end, made the director very happy. I think the Pole Pixie is a great addition to any camera kit."
Sherman Johnson, Professional Director of Photography

The Pole Pixie provides a safe and easy connection adapter for a "painters pole" thread to a camera thread stud. This provides a secure connection to attach a camera to a pole for an elevated position to capture an image of a house or feature from an unusual angle or vantage point.

I have used the Pole Pixie on a metal extension pole of approximately 12' in length and a composite entending pole of approximately 15' in length. (The composite pole seemed to offer less flex). The camera, a Kodak V705 (P&S) with wide angle lens was attached to the pole via the Pole Pixie adaptor. The camera was placed in the 10 second shutter delay mode and the pole was manually rotated to bring the camera to the height of the pole while the pole was being hand held. An example image is attached.

I have not yet used the system with my better equipment and lenses (Nikon D40 DSLR). The Nikon uses an infrared remote shutter release which would permit the photographer to shoot several images while the pole was being held in the extended position. Although the adapter is solid and secure, I have been reluctant to put $1000 on the end of the pole instead of the $200 point and shoot camera. I have no doubt that for the larger home where I am seeking a unusual angle, I will experiment with the Nikon. The Kodak feels almost weightless on the end of the pole. I would expect the weight of the Nikon to be more noticable.

The pole, when collapsed, fits in the trunk of my car and is available for all location work.

I definitely recommend the adaptor unit. As I have read descriptions of how others have solved the pole connection problem, I begin to appreciate the simple elegance of your Pole Pixie solution.
Ted B, Real Estate Agent, Winter Haven, FL

Lee taking photos of the kids at a basketball game.

"I just received your package. My first thought is, AWESOME!....Overall, it's a great setup....Great Job!"

Lee Jinks, Coldwell Banker Real Estate

"I sell lakefront real estate in a vacation home area. It is very important to me to get good pictures of the lakeside of homes. The problem with that is often the lake side is 10 or 20 feet lower than the facade of the home. Buyers and sellers expect nice photos of nice homes, and it doesn't look good to shoot them from below.

This is why I love the Pole Pixie. It works with all of my cameras - a Canon point and shoot, a Rebel SLR, my Sony camcorder, Canon camcorder, and both my Flip video cameras. I stick it on the end of an extendable painters pole I bought at home depot and I am good to go.

It is small and light enough to throw in my camera bag so I always have it. With my painters pole in the trunk, I'm always ready. I used to have to lug around a ladder and plan my whole day around one picture. Now I am fully mobile, all because of the Pole Pixie.

Some realtors and professional photgraphers spend hundreds of dollars to buy elaborate, non-portable systems to get shots like this. That's OK with me. I am not a pro and never will be. But if you're looking for a small, affordable device that will take your shots from "good" to "great," take my advice and buy a Pole Pixie. It's a must have item for your camera bag. "

John Coley, Lake Martin Voice Realty
334-221-5862, www.lakemartinvoice.com